Program and Project Evaluation Reports

Since 2009, the Department of Planning and Evaluation (DPE) of the Strategic Counsel for Organizational Development and Management for Results of the OAS has promoted a policy for the evaluation of the effectiveness of the programs and projects executed by the organization. With financial support from the Spanish Fund for the OAS (FEPO), the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and the United States Mission to the OAS (USOAS), DPE has coordinated external project evaluations in the areas of Civil Registry, Democracy, Justice and Human Rights, Development and Security.

Program Evaluations

2016 Evaluation report of the Second OAS/CIDA Cooperation Plan (2012-2015)
  Evaluation of the Inter-American Program on Education for Democratic Values and Practices
2013 Evaluation of the Management of the Spanish Fund for the OAS (2006-2011)
2012 CIDA I Evaluation report (2008-2012) Volume 1 | Volume 2


Project Evaluations

2019 Final Evaluation Report for the project “Strengthening Crime Prevention and Response in Tourism Destinations in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean”
  Final Report of the External Evaluation for the Program on Prevention of Crimes associated to Irregular Migration in Central America
2018 Evaluation of the direct effects of the program Judicial Facilitators in Paraguay
  Evaluation of the project ITEN-Phase 3 Strengthening the capacity of teachers and policymakers from participating countries in innovative pedagogical skills
  Final evaluation of the Small Business Development Centers Program in the Caribbean– Phase II
  Evaluation of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas Clearinghouse – Phase IV (ECPA Clearinghouse)
2017 Evaluation of the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the efforts to Expand the Socio-economic Potential of Cultural Heritage in the Caribbean – Phase II
  Mid-term evaluation of the Small Business Development Centers Program in the Caribbean– Phase II
  Evaluation of the Project "Strengthening Teachers’ Skills to Meet the Needs of 21st Century Learners – Phase 2"
  Evaluation of the Project “Supporting an Increase of Tourism Competitiveness through Sustainable Destination Management and Capacity Building in the Caribbean and Central America”
  Evaluation of the effectiveness of a sample of projects from the OAS Human Rights sector 2010-2016
  Evaluation of the Sustainable Communities Program in Central America and the Caribbean
  Evaluation of the projects of the Continuous Reporting System on International Migration in the Americas (SICREMI)
2016 Evaluation of Public Security Projects in the Americas (2009-2014)
  Evaluation of the Inter-American Observatory on Drugs
2015 Evaluation of the Small Business Development Centres Program in the Caribbean
2014 Evaluation of the Health and Life in the Americas Program (SAVIA) - Annex
  Rapid Assessment of the Inter-American Social Protection Network project (IASPN/RIPSO)
2013 OAS Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia (MAPP/OAS) 2010-2013
2012 Inter-American Women’s Commission projects
Annex 1 | Annex 2 | Annex 3 | Annex 4
  Political Analysis System (SAPEM)
  Electoral Technical Assistance
Volume 1 | Volume 2
2011 Inter-American Program of Judicial Facilitators
Annex 1 | Annex 2
  Indigenous Peoples Participation in OAS Activities
  Strengthening of the Inter-American Human Rights System 2006-2008
2010 Universal Civil Identity Program of the Americas (PUICA)